First Day at the Villa, Hondaribbia

We get off to a slow start as the place is beautiful and we are all a little tired — Charlie and Jane from their long trip here from Minneapolis, and the rest of us from traveling for days and taking the long trip from Madrid to this beautiful place. The Villa Birdie is a charmer. A beautiful house that was clearly designed with the views in mind. Look out any window and you will see a mountain or a vista or a garden.

The men start with a short tennis tourney while the women read and wake up slowly. Jane takes a long, long walk. She enjoys every minute of it, but after an hour, we decide she’s lost and decide to set up a search party. Charlie will be the first to go look. When he gets lost, Mike will go. And so on, until we’re all lost. But just in time, Jane comes back and we don’t have to do any of that.

It’s very quiet here. There’s an airport nearby, but only one plane takes every every eight hours or so. Every so often, the neighbor dogs get busy barking all at once, and then stop. Life is good for them, too.



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  1. Leslie Ross lentz

    Lovely images. I can feel the area and spaces. What a grand trip you are on.

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