A Day in Hondarribia

After a certain amount of confusion and consternation surrounding parking and the gizmo that takes the money, we are saved by a neighbor who manages to let us know that today is a fiesta day, so we don’t need to pay. This is great, and allows us to head straight for the waterfront and a leisurely stroll through Hondarribia. Everyone is out today. You can buy nearly any kind of knock-off you want, but we don’t buy any. Since today is a Basque holiday, there is a high concentration of handsome men in red berets and neck kerchiefs.

The sight-seeing is fine, and the people-watching is endlessly entertaining. We spend a certain amount of time watching a 2-year-old boy chase his RC car until he’s distracted by a cigarette butt that absolutely must be kicked through a hole in the sea wall. Right across the water is France, and a small ferry will take you there for a few euros.

We take pictures of the local architecture and find a bas relief that may or may not be Juan de la Cosa. Columbus’s flagship The Santa Maria was built in Basque shipyards and was the property of a Basque fellow (called a Bizkaian) Juan De La Cosa who was also its shipmaster. So the question is, was America “discovered” by Columbus? Or by a Basque? The Bizkaians would say by a Basque, and who are we to disagree?

We find a shoreline restaurant and have a relaxing meal of pizzas, salads, and crostini.



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  1. Mary Peterson

    I don’t think it’s ever wise to disagree with a Basque…Where exactly is Hondaribbia? Looks so beautiful-envy is rearing its ugly head!

  2. Kiki Lunderoy

    I’m with Mary and thoroughly envious. Your photos are stunning and everyone looks so relaxed and happy. Enjoy!

  3. liz

    Mary and Kiki, we are having the best of times. Hondaribbia is in northeast Spain, close to the border with France — on the coast. We should have come here long ago. We love the Basques.

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