BMW USA Grand Tour 2022

The BMW USA Grand Tour 2022 was the brainchild of Austin Lundeby who thought it would be a fitting gift for his dad’s 70th birthday (Surprise!) to invite him to the two day BMW High Performance Driving School in Thermal, CA (southern CA near Palm Springs). And better yet, this plan involved a road trip in Austin’s 2016 BMW 550i driving three days from Denver to Thermal and then three more days returning back to Denver. We hit four national parks, a meteor crater and a wildfire (pix below).

On top of that plan Austin added a drone for aerial footage, GoPro for in-car track sessions, and a dashcam recording K4 video of the full road trip! Now no one wants to watch 48 hours (behind the wheel), 2,400 miles of driving, so here is a five minute sample of just the first days drive (still pano captures from the dashcam video) under 5 min.


Colorado River canyon drive Hiwy 128 [ 2 min.]
Dashcam Arches National Park [ 3.5 min.]
Barringer Meteor Crater drone footage [ 4 min.]

Off-road at Mexican Hat drone footage [ 4.5 min.]

Instructor hot lap (with spinout!) [ 1.5 min.]

Instructor hot lap (Austin & Mike ride along) two camera edit [2 min.]

More of BMW School videos by Austin

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You might be interested to know that the dashcam video is being managed by DashCam Viewer software, which is amazing! It orders videos by date, maps the location on Google maps, show a timeline with speed, heading, lat & lon and you can click on any of those to jump to the spot on the 4K video.

DashCam Viewer software Click image below to zoom in.