We have been lucky on two counts. We have managed to post a few photos via our iPad and the weather has turned in our favor in a big way. The last two days have been sun and outings. After a fancy breakfast at the Hotel Kempinski we set out for a big day at Peterhof – the summer palace, fountains and gardens a 45 minute hydrofoil boat ride away (very cool). The multiple palaces were destroyed in WWII and then rebuilt. The fountains are all gravity flow with no pumps! Sorry but no photos were allowed inside the palace (right after the one I took of the nice Russian tour guide lady). Then back for a tradional Russian dinner and homemade flavored vodka at Yat (named after a no longer used letter of the Russian alphabet which has no sound – it gives a strong accent to the preceding letter).If our luck continues more photos might appear on this blog, but if not photos may show up on Flickr.com. Check back or click here for Flickr. (Also if you missed it, there are some photos in the previous post – our first day in St. Petersburg, in the rain here.


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  1. Jane Lentz

    The gold, the flowers, the palaces, the fountains, and our beloved friends! Wow! Nice combination. Thanks for sending these.

  2. Charlie

    As usual, great pictures. Wish we were there with you. Love to know what dishes you are eating at the Yat.

  3. r holt

    Great to see your photos. What a great experience. Continue to enjoy. I assume you will be unavailable for lunch on Friday, June 15th.

  4. Patty Matas

    Wow!!!! All the pictures are gorgeous!! Looks like weather is good. Excited for the stories!

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