A tour of Ireland by a bunch of Geezrs in 2022

Geezrs Ireland 2022

In May of 2022, 11 Geezrs flew to Ireland, rented three cars, and in 10 days covered more than 1,400 miles, discovering the complex history, the great food, and the wonderful hospitality of the people of Ireland.

During our whirlwind tour, we learned many things, including:

  • Ireland is truly green, everywhere
  • A stranger will stop to help and change your tire
  • People will happily hand over their unused minutes at the car park
  • Dublin was created by the Vikings
  • There’s a castle just about everywhere you look
  • The “hop on hop off” bus is a great way to tour a city while listening to dad jokes
  • You will never taste better butter

  • We also learned that the roads are narrow, the hedges and stone walls are VERY close to the edge of the pavement, and it rains – sometimes all day, sometimes for a few minutes with no warning. The Irish are a proud people who have been pushed arounds for thousands of years by the Vikings, Scots, Normans, the Pope, and the English, but still they stand. And they are proud of their emigrants, who have changed the lives of people all over the world.

    You can follow along with us here: https://geezrs.com/

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