Goose Goose and Goodbye to St. Petersburg

With only one more day in St. Petersburg, we decided to stroll and eat and take a more leisurely pace. The weather was a bit chilly and overcast but nothing good Minnesotans and Muscovites couldn’t handle. With pizza and a prix fixe “businessman’s lunch,” Goose Goose was our choice for a hearty, well-prepared meal. The cream soups were spectacular, the pizza crust thin and crisp, and the portions and price just perfect. Re-energized and re-hydrated, we were ready for our final city shopping and touring.

Window-shopping in the fancy mall

We don’t remember the name of the fancy mall, so we just called it The Fancy Mall. We knew it must be fancy because it contained both a giant dachshund bench big enough for both Liz and Mike and a chocolate museum tucked in the very back. Next stop was the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory store to admire the artistry and beauty of classic Russian porcelain. This is a tradition first established for the Empress Elizabeth in the 1750s. If Liz could’ve figured out how to pack a Cobalt Net tea set into her luggage, she would have. But, no. We travel light.

Rooftop cocktails before turning in

Knowing we were leaving in the morning and needing to pack, we skipped dinner and went up to the rooftop restaurant in our hotel to enjoy goodbye cocktails and a city view. Masha patiently told us the story of the three sons — one lazy, one greedy, and one slow — and the trampled wheat, but it was really long and we could see we were preventing her from eating her special dessert, so we let her off the hook and told her we’d look it up on the internet.

An after-dinner walk in the shadow of the Hermitage

St. Petersburg is a great place to walk at night in June, because the sun never actually sets, the canals are beautiful, and there is a lot of street life to enjoy. We walked for a bit to take it all in, noting one last time the beauty of the Hermitage and for the first time, a city bus that is actually a toilet. Pretty clever, really.

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